Binder bound to two component

I am building a form with couple of fields where I’m struggling with two binders intercepting each other. If I change the value in deviceName both the binder and deviceBinder is updated. This result in that the manufacturerid also get updated its value to the same value as deviceName. This does not happen the other way around for some reason. Same thing with the description. Can I not have two binders bind to the same field name eg. name and description in two different classes? Any pointers to what can cause this issue?


private Binder<Device> deviceBinder = new Binder<>(Device.class);```

```binder.forField(deviceName).bind(EsaveObject::getName, EsaveObject::setName);
binder.forField(deviceDescription).bind(EsaveObject::getDescription, EsaveObject::setDescription);
deviceBinder.forField(manufacturerid).bind(Device::getName, Device::setName);
deviceBinder.forField(manufacturerdescription).bind(Device::getDescription, Device::setDescription);```

You should post the code of your view, if you’re using different object, binder and fields there should be 100% independent