BigDecimalField doesn't seem to exist

Version: 14.1.3. using bower.

Hi everyone,

I really want to try out BigDecimalField as it could be very very helpful for my application.
I’m using .html pages and the designer to build my website. Either adding it as a html tag: <vaadin-big-decimal-field…
or using code by adding it to a component, it doesn’t get added to the webpage.

If I look at the Integer counterpart I see a HTML import that the bigDecimal counterpart doesn’t have.

Is there something I’m missing or is it a bug?

All help appreciated :slight_smile:

BigDecimal api:
Integer code:

Hello, this component is only implemented in Java.

We don’t have it as web component because there is no built-in support for BigDecimal in browsers (and the [proposal]
( is at very early stage). And we agreed to not introduce any custom JS logic for it (which would require us a lot of extra effort).