Best way to work with Window

Today I use this code to open a window:

public static void abrirJanela(String titulo, Integer altura, Integer largura, Component screen, CloseListener closeListener) { Window window = new Window(titulo); window.setWidth(largura, Unit.PERCENTAGE); window.setHeight(altura, Unit.PERCENTAGE); window.setModal(true); window.setContent(tela); UI.getCurrent().addWindow(window); } But now I need to pass one list to my window, and after close this window receive the same list (with changes), to pass a list It`s ok, I pass in constructor but how can I receive that list when window close ?? And how can I close my windows when I click one button inside this window?? looking for samples I only find a way to close when my class extends windows, but in this case my “screen” extends VerticalLayout



you can close the window by calling

window.close(); The logical place to call this could be in a click handler of a “close” button. If you’re not extending Window, you can pass a reference to your window object.

As for passing a list, you could do that in the same click handler where the close() call happens.

Hope this helps,