Best practice to format Select Item strings?

I am completely confused as to the proper way to format a Select item. I want to load my Select list with actual POJO objects, where the toString() method on those objects does NOT print the user-readable description. I am binding the Select in a form, and I want the actual POJO value to be in the Select list. At the same time, I want to be able to tell the Select to call a method in the POJO object like “userDescription” in order for the select to obtain the String value to display. So essentially I want the Select to have the POJO object backing it as the data store, but I want the Select to display something other than the “toString()” of the object. How do I do this??

I should mention that the Table widget has a formatPropertyValue() method that sort of does what I need, but the Select doesn’t seem to have the same thing. There must be a way to do this…

Thank You.

Answering my own question, it appears Select.setItemCaption() is what I need.