Best development configuration for embedded app

Hi to all,
I’m starting developing a backoffice app that would be integrated in our main application and I am evaluating vaadin.

I created the app through the maven archetype and embedded it through the div method.
It works fine but I need some clarifications about the development lifecycle.

We use jboss as AS and JBOSS tools plugin in eclipse.
I created a small web app where i embed the vaadin app and deploy them as separates war (this should be the final configuration as I don’t want to deploy the main app each time I change the vaadin app)

The jboss plugin recognize the vaadin app as a web module but does not create the war folder in jboss when it’s deployed.

If I package the war through maven and deploy it manually everything works fine but It slows the deployment.I would like to know if there is a faster way or a method to make the jboss plugin work with a vaadin app structure

Thanks for your answers,

Hi to all,
a little update on this. At the end i followed another approach.

  • I start the vaadin app in a jetty server with mvn -Djetty.port= jetty:run-exploded
  • I changed my apache configuration to rewrite all my /vaadin requests to jetty port
  • I run my jee embedding app in the jboss port:8080
  • I embed the vaadin app in my embedding app

The only development bottleneck is that the jetty doesn’t recognize code change so i have to run the jetty:run-exploded command above at each code change.

How about the Jetty scanIntervalSeconds parameter? You can also specify in your POM which directories and files to scan.

Also, JRebel (commercial product from ZeroTurnaround) can make on-the-fly redeployments less painful when making changes to class structure etc.