Benchmarking Vaadin application using JMeter


We are trying to benchmark our Vaadin application by using JMeter.
We are using JMeter because we found a post on the Wiki (

But, we are facing several issues :

  1. Our application is using Atmosphere for the pushing. But, JMeter does not seem to be able to handle it. At least, the reverse proxy defined in JMeter cannot be configured in order to allow the pushing. As now, Vaadin integrates Atmosphere in the version 7.1, I would like to know if you know a way to avoid this issue.

  2. I have some troubles to define when I have to put the “setDebugId()” method. For example, if I want to simulate a user who clicks on a button, where do I have to put the “debugId” ?
    Do I have to put it :

  • On the menu bar and the menu item (in order to simulate the access to a view
  • On the button in order to simulate the action of the user
    I certainly missed something because, in the log files, I do not see that the action is launched. Do I have to put a “debugId” on all the panels and layouts surrounding the button ?

Thanks in advance for your help