Beginner Binder Question

Hey, i have a form layout and a button.
I want the button to be enabled only if every validation from the binder is ok.
I used setValidationStatusHandler and it works fine, but it overrides the display of the errors under each textfield.
What would be the right way in vaadin to achieve both at the same time?

In binder.addValueChangeListener you can check if the binder is valid and enable/disable the button.
I don’t like this behavior since the user can be annoyed, not knowing what is wrong and why it’s disabled.
So I prefer to check it when you click on the button and display the errors in the fields and as a dialog

Thank you very much
Its a rather long register form, so i want to display wrong inputs to each field immediatly and only enable the button if everything is ok

@faithful-emu one other quick question:
I have an email field and for some reason the username is filled in there. Anyone knows why?

Soo your user has to check 80 fields if they have already filled them by checking them all width they eyes again? :sweat_smile: Most User friendly would be an enabled button all the time and e.g. move the user to the wrong file when they click the button: if it still invalid to guide them instead of forcing them to scan the whole page for a missing field

Im not too sure what you mean. There is label immediatly if there is an invalid input

Its not that large, it fits one screen

I think you can change the behavior: field.setAutocomplete(Autocomplete.OFF);
I never tried it myself.

Okay thanks, i tried that and i didnt work. It seems to be a browser and not a vaadin problem