beginner at vaadin- getting error when I try to create a vaadin app

I am trying to create a UI for a java web app using Vaadin.

I am using Eclipse for this purpose, and I have installed the Google Plugin for Eclipse (which includes GWT SDK) as well as the Vaadin plugin for eclipse.

I created a new project using New Project-> New Vaadin Project… but I am seeing an error message in Eclipse console “GWT SDK not installed.”

How do I resolve this error? I have already installed Google Plugin for Eclipse which includes GWT SDK.


Don’t know. I have never used the google plugin. I always just install the vaadin plugin directly from and it works nice.

Dont you need to install GWT SDK? Does the GWT SDK get installed when you install the Vaadin Eclipse Plugin? I have installed (first) the Google Plugin and after that the Vaadin plugin.

You don’t need anything from GWT when doing normal applications. Vaadin contains a precompiled widgetset. You only need the possibility to compile when you do your own widgets or use add-ons. At that point will the Vaadin plugin download what you need.

So, right now you won’t need GWT compiler to anything.