So we can register an AfterNavigationListener to the UI to be notified of all navigation events after they are completed. Is there also something like that to get notified of a navigation event when it gets started? I know there is the BeforeLeaveEvent but that only gets dispatched to the components that are on the screen. I want to get notified of all navigation events when they are triggered. A counterpart of the AfterNavigationEvent.
Or is there another way to accomplish that?
Somewhat related: is it possible to get a list of the user’s navigation history within a UI?


could be an idea

BeforeEnterEvent? That only gets called in the components too doesn’t it? It’s the counterpart of BeforeLeaveEvent

I have a standalone listener that is not a component

It works for AfterNavigation but I need a BeforeNavigation too

Shameless copy from the docs:

BeforeLeaveEvent is the first event fired during navigation.

The event allows the navigation to be postponed, canceled, or changed to a different destination.

This event is delivered to any component instance implementing BeforeLeaveObserver that is attached to the UI before the navigation starts.

Just attach your listener to a component like the header, main, footer or any other component that is always on the UI

I mean I’m really not a fan of adding logic to a component that has nothing to do with that component, that’s why I like AfterNavigation, I can attach directly to the UI object

But if that’s the only way then I’ll do that yea

“Somewhat related: is it possible to get a list of the user’s navigation history within a UI?” - any idea about this?

Not directly but there you can access the History

Yea, that lets me navigate to a previous page but doesn’t tell me what that page was (which is fair I guess considering that’s your browser history, not just the in-app history)

I can track it myself but that’s tricky when I don’t know whether the user is navigating forwards or backwards