BeanItemContainer not in Book of Vaadin 8 ?

Please, is there any documentation regarding BeanItemContainer for Vaadin 8 ?

Video notes:

I think what I am seeking to use for Vaadin Grid is the BeanItemContainer as described in:


BeanItemContainer is for Vaadin 7. Vaadin 8 you don’t use containers any more.

The old Vaadin6/7 way to do the Grid data population would’ve been something like this:

Grid grid = new Grid(); BeanItemContainer<MyPojo> itemContainer = new BeanItemContainer<>(MyPojo.class); items.addAll(myPojoProviderService.getAllMyPojos()); grid.setContainerDataSource(itemContainer); The new an IMO much improved way of doing it in Vaadin 8

Grid<MyPojo> grid = new Grid<>();

Johannes, THANK YOU!

For some reason, jetty is not functioning, and I have tried re-installing Eclipse a few times. So, shall now have to re-format my OS and re-install everything.

Cannot wait to try what you share above. Thank you.

I am so hoping Vaadin is what I perceive or rather DREAM it to be, a replacement in JAVA for Delphi RAD framework component based programming.

Question: Is Vaadin the only component based framework in java?

Hi Johannes, please what does


represent in actual use?

My DAO bean name is
I only have two java files, which is a Vaadin 8 Archetype and my


Well that was just a sample I came up with. I mean whatever is your data source that provides you a list of data objects.

Thank you. I know that it is a straight forward Vaadin method to connect remote data to a Vaadin Grid. I just need to discover it ONCE, then I can expand with the Book of Vaadin and online searches.

I am re-creating my JSF web app and a vanilla Vaadin 8 Archetype – with the hope that I can connect my remote data to a Vaadin Grid.

Shall reply within the next 30 minutes.

Thank you.