BeanItemContainer Lazy Loading

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I am developing an application for about one year know. Actually doing some tests and now I came up with the problem that whenever I have a lot of data my application is getting slow. I am using BeanItemContainer and MyBatis so I always call addAll function and have to query all the data. What is the best practice to move implemnt lazy loading in this case. I have ssen that there is the Lazy Query Container addon but could not find a good example. I am also not sure if the Lazy Query Container will support my need of filters on table rows??? Can anyone help me?

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I am using vaadin version 7.1.0


You should check out my
recent blog entry
where we tested various container implementations. With ListContainer it is really easy to make lazy loading. Your filtering should also get to the DB level, otherwise you’ll have to load everything from DB (which is the slow part) and filter it in JVM memory.