BeanFieldGroup.commit() and error indicators

I’m new to Vaadin and trying to get some error handling on a view with two BeanFieldGroups.
There are some TextFields with required set to true and some fields got additional validators.
For commit I wanted to use a button that loops over the BeanFieldGroups and just calls commit(). After implementing this I realized that commit() just throws an exception and I took a further look into the code and realized that first of all isRequired is validated and after this no further validation takes place.
Ok, I can live with that, but I can’t live with the fact that there are no errors shown on the UI at the fields that failed the validation.
Am I doing something completely wrong or do I have to implement my own BeanFieldGroup that acts the way I want?

edit: Already fixed this one … after going in the wrong direction I took a second look at the CommitException that came back from the commit and I realized every information (field and corresponding error message) is included in this exception, so I’m fine with this one. I just had to build a wrapper method to get this thing a little bit more comfortable for me. :wink: