Bean validation add-on validate inserted variable type

I have small problem with VAADIN bean validation add-on, all works fine until user try insert. for example String value into form field (Form generated from java class and this field type is Bigdecimal), in this case validation add-on gives me all errors what attached for this variable (@NotNull, @Max, @Min, @DecimalMin) like (“form.error.min
form.error.null”). It is possible to do, if inserted type is wrong, show only one error or make any annotation with allow validate variable type.

Old post, so maybe you have already looked into this.

The add-on currently does not make it easy to customize this behavior (concatenation of error messages, type conversions) without copying the class. I created the
ticket #6820
for this, you can add comments to it if necessary.

Thank, for your replay. Right now this issue is solved by using try/catch method (I use i18n) and if key for this error not found, simple show some base error message.