Bandwidth requirements vs. Vaadin 8

Has anyone noticed that Vaadin Flow has significantly higher bandwidth requirements than Vaadin 8? Opening a (admittedly complex) dialog in Vaadin 8 results in about 25k of traffic. The same operation with the same dialog in Vaadin 23 is about 250k.
Are we doing something wrong? Is there any configuration we can tweak to reduce the amount of data transmitted?

Hard to say and really hard to measure without more information. Best would be to create a GitHub issue about it with a sample app for V8 and V23+ and showcase the difference. Keep in mind that both have fundamental different technologies and everything nowadays is bigger cause it doesn’t really matter anymore.

With the given information, I don’t think there’s much you can do aside from optimizing your dialog content somehow. 250k is a lot, though, I put more than 200 components in a Dialog and that only amounted to about 200k over the wire.