Bakery Example based App Card Click - Assertion error: undefined

I have ported the bakery example app to a different domain and reused a lot of it to learn from it. In the ported app when clicking a card the editor should open to edit a order but instead I just get the client-side error: client-D1AD34905AC1AA5B4DBECA8FB0306D92.cache.js:197 Assertion error: undefined
When clicking it again I get
client-D1AD34905AC1AA5B4DBECA8FB0306D92.cache.js:197 Assertion error: No child node found with id -1

There automatically stops the debugger:

} else if ('addNodes'in a) {
	e = a['addNodes']
	m = e.length;
	c = [];
	r = b.g;
	for (h = 0; h < m; h++) {
		g = Lc(OB(e[h]
		f = (l = g,
		sc(r.a.get(l), 6));
		if (!f) {
			debugger ;throw Th(new aC('No child node found with id ' + g))
		f.f = b;
 = f
	fz(n, j, p, c)

Using the “New Order” Button works fine. The original bakery example doesn’t has this error.
Unfortunately that’s the only thing I can report. The code is obfuscated and I have no idea what it’s actually trying to assume the cause of the problem.
I was not able to find information on how to disable obfuscation. I hope somebody can give advice to get more verbose outputs.

Hi, some news? i have this error now in vaadin 13…