Background update on Grid change


I’ve got a POC with Vaadin 8 and I need to make updates on the fly via a webservice on change of a grid cell, similar to an online spreadsheet.

I have an unbuffered grid and event handling framework built into the data access layer - Listeners get notified when a data element is updated which calls the web service using an Executor. This looks like it will work but feedback to the user is becoming complex.

Is there another way to do this using the Grid event API? I’ve used GridFastNavigation and added Row and Cell listeners but the events only get fired on mouse activity and grid focus loss rather than tabs or arrow key changes. Is there is reccomended way to achieve this without having to add a Save button?

Loving the new API using the Java8 functional features BTW - I’ve been away from Java for a few years.


In GridFastNavigation there is an issue about listeners being dependent on each other, I made ticket about it week ago or so. The workaround is to enable them all (almost)

I’ll try to get some time to fix it properly in near future.