Azure OAuth2

I am using the below link for azure authentication instead of google as mentioned.

I am using sample project mentioned in step2. I have added two dependencies


Below is LoginView

public class LoginView extends VerticalLayout {
* URL that Spring uses to connect to Google services
private static final String OAUTH_URL = “/oauth2/authorization/azure”;

public LoginView() {
Anchor loginLink = new Anchor(OAUTH_URL, “Login with Azure AD”);
// Set router-ignore attribute so that Vaadin router doesn’t handle the login request
loginLink.getElement().setAttribute(“router-ignore”, true);
getStyle().set(“padding”, “200px”);

I followed all steps mentioned and when running ./mvnw spring-boot:run am getting below warning and failing with same error.

In i provided client id and secret as below.

Can anyone please guide me what am missing in configuration?

The last line of your exception tells you the problem

What configuration am i missing here
I have added client id, secret and

It’s also mentioned here - Azure is no common provider and therefore, more information has to be provided