Autosize problem of subwindow containing a Table

Hello Vaadiners,

The problem appears for a simple Table that has a few rows and colums, undefined size is set.
The width is incorrectly show only the first row (I hope the attached image will display).

Any idea?



Most likely the width of the layout inside the window is 100%, making the window size itself by the title.

Try window.getContent().setSizeUndefined() to fix it.


Also, now that I look at the screenshot a bit closer, it seems you have a Panel also around the Table, am I right? If so, then the Panel itself and the VerticalLayout inside the Panel have 100% width, which could also be an issue.

Oh my…! I was setting to every and each size to undefined except this one. Lesson learned: when one simply adds a layout component with Window.addComponent(), that is still not enough…

You have quite sharp eyes! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help!