Automatically building and updating a vaadin application


I am building a first prototype of a project planning application with a GUI based on vaadin.

I want to create some mechanism(s), which allow me to

a) package the entire application into a file (archive, or installer), which allows to install that application (ideally - including Apache Tomcat and so that the application can run from a USB drive) on any machine (I use an embedded database, which does not require installation) and

b) easily update the installed application (e. g. by dropping a file into a folder).

That is, I develop the application on one machine and use it on another. Item b) is necessary to transfer changes to the application to the machine I am using during the day.

Currently, I have this source code:

I need to modify it somehow in order to be able to do aforementioned things automatically. AFAIK vaadin projects can be built with maven.

My questions is: How can I transform my existing source code into something maven can work with WITHOUT losing the ability to work on the project in eclipse (and minimizing the headache generated by using maven) ?

Thanks in advance