Automatic Vertical bar in a Panel


We use in one of our screens a panel that will contain a large number of tables, superimposed one above the other.
To avoid displaying all tables at once, we use the Widget
add-on that allows collapsing the tables.

Our problem is:

It is not possible to visualize more than two tables at once in our screen because the fact of opening two Disclosure (collapsable widget) automatically hides the rest of the Disclosure.

How to automatically display a vertical bar to the right of the panel when the place becomes insufficient to display on screen the rest of the Disclosure ?

As attached file, a print screen of our Panel.
If we open a second Disclosure in the same time, all other Disclosure disappear from the screen.

Does anyone have an idea ?

Thank you :smiley:


If everything is configured/constructed correctly, a scrollbar should be displayed if the contents of a panel cannot be completely displayed - which would solve the problem.



Totally agree with this statement, but in the vaadin console (debug) there is no error layout, which means that apparently, there is no obvious error in the layout.

HI guys,

I found a solution to my problem with my Vertical scrollbar in my Panel.

  1. On my Panel, I made a setHeight (“100%”);
  2. On the VerticalLayout of my Panel, a setSizeUndifined ();

And it’s working perfectly :smiley: