Automatic sort after button click on grid

I have image column in the grid for an action. When I click image, grid sorts itself. How can I stop sorting after successful save(action for image click)? I do not get the new data from backend after save.

First thing that pops into my mind is to call grid.getColumn(…).setSortable(false) with that Column:

Hey, I’m working with Girish on this project and he asked me to chime in. So what we have is a vaadin-grid set to default sort on a specific column (Col 1) when the user loads the grid. We also have this column with an image that can be toggled on click (Col 2). If the search grid contains multiple rows with the same value in that default column (Col 1) we’re sorting on, and a user toggles the image col (col 2) of one of those row, every row containing the same valued Col 1 will resort. It isn’t technically wrong, but considering the image changes when it’s toggled, it’s confusing the user.