AutoGrid Styling....

I want to style the grid.Filter textfield,placeholder,header,body rowshovering etc…please help me!

I guess you can use the same selectors as for the “manual” grid


vaadin-grid-filter vaadin-text-field::part(label) ,
vaadin-grid-filter vaadin-text-field input , i want to style this two elements.But in the case of ,i cant acces this elements.How can i achive it?

If you want to style the filter placeholder, you can do something like:

vaadin-grid  vaadin-text-field input:placeholder-shown {
    color: red;

And since there might be components with placeholders other than textfields (e.g., date pickers), you can target then all by

vaadin-grid [placeholder]
    color: red;

Thank you sir, I also want to change placeholder name in .

This is not currently possible. In my opinion, something like this should be enabled via a custom header filters: