Autocomplete, again

Right, another autocomplete post. I have searched and read what I found about autocomplete fields but not come to any conclusion.

A ComboBox works excellently from a UI POV, but the data handling is backwards compared to what I need/want. With a ComboBox I need to load all values in the data container first. Not a big deal perhaps, but I am concerned about resources. I assume it is possible to reuse the same data container for all fields on the same page which use the same list of values, but is there a way to reuse the same container over all active sessions?

Alternatively, what I would really want is to catch the “filter change” event when you type in the ComboBox and reload the data container with the items matching the filter. Is that possible?

I have looked at the LazyQueryContainer addon, but I don’t think it would work well with a ComboBox.