Auto column width?

I’m testing an app our developers have built using vaadin. There is an extensive use of Tables.

I can resize table column width by dragging the right hand column heading bar, but i would like a facility to double click the bar of the heading to autosize the column, as happens in, say Excel or a table in Ms Word.

Is this possible? Our development team say they don’t know if it can be done or will be forthcoming in a future release.

I don’t think it is planned right now, but you could file a feature request in the
. Matti commented that it should be rather easy to do, though it’s hard to say when it gets done.

If you get it done yourself, please consider submitting a patch.

Just a quick note: In Vaadin, tables lazily load only the data they need to show (and a small buffer around it for smoother scrolling). If this feature is implemented, it would probably only take into account the data visible on the screen, as it would be prohibitively expensive to render, say, 100 000 rows just to size a column.


I take the point. However, The feature would still be useful where the table contains dynamic data (a search result, say, or the items that one client has purchased) but is generally not likely to contain large volumes of data. We have many situations like that, where likely results are generally, say, 1-10 or 20 rows. Perhaps feature could be optional.