Atmosphere update

Guys, am I understanding right? Does we still use in vaadin 7.1.12 atmosphere 1.0.18 with lot of bugs that related to it ( Because push in streaming mode is still have a lot of bugs that were fixed in 2.0.x atmosphere. When do you plan to update Atmosphere or maybe I can do it by myself?


You are correct that Vaadin 7.1 still uses Atmosphere 1.0.x but it is a customized version to which some additional bug fixes have been picked. The reason for this is to keep the 7.1 branch stable by introducing as few changes as possible. The ticket you refer to is actually an issue also in the newest Atmosphere version.

We are currently working together with the Atmosphere creator on updating Atmosphere to the latest version for 7.2. There are a couple of regressions we have found while doing the update so we are currently trying to resolve them before it will be in 7.2-SNAPSHOT. The final 7.2.0 version will at least use the latest Atmosphere and probably we will then more or less freeze Atmosphere updates again for 7.2.x and only pick bugfixes for that to avoid potential regressions.