Atmosphere close my session after 1hr

Hi Vaadiners. My application is using latest vaadin 24 with cdi. I have set closeidelSession to true with heartbitinterval to 100. As far as i know my session should be alive until browser tab is open. But after 1hr session is destroyed by atmosphere framework: “Websocket closed, reason: Normal closure; the connection successfully completed whatever purpose for which it was created. - wasClean: true vaadinPush-min.js:1:41460”.
WHY ?? Is there some properties i can set to not closing my sessions ?

close idle sessions = true means that idle sessions are closed

so if you don’t want that to happen, set close idle sessions to false

No, i want to close my session when client does not sent heartbit, when user close tab for example. Now heartbit is set to 100 and closeIdleSession to true, but after 1 hr session is closed automatically.

Server still receive heartbits so why closing this session ?

Otherwise how to free ram of inactive sessions when closeIdleSession is set to false ?

OK, sorry i got your point. Whenever heartbeat is stopped session is closed.

But, it is not going to happened. When closeidleSession is set to false, and browser tab is closed i’m not getting any logs that pointing to close inactive session even when i wrote the code to log those things.

If closeidleSession is set to false, the session should time out once the http session lifetime is gone; which defaults to 30/60min depending on the servlet container after that last request was seen.