Asynchronous Chart Drilldown in Vaadin 10/Flow

Hey Guys,
I’m working on some drilldown charts with Vaadin Flow and Charts 6. I’ve run into trouble with asynchronous drilldowns. In chart 4 and Vaadin 8 this is documented as being accomplished through the class DrilldownCallbackHandler, which allows me to return a dataseries to complete the drilldown with.

This class is not present in Vaadin Flow, although it is still referenced in the documentation in com.vaadin.flow.component.charts.model.DataSeries:

  • Adds a new item to the series data and enables drilldown for it. Used for
  • lazy loading drilldown. Using async drilldown requires setting
  • {@link Chart#setDrilldownCallback(com.vaadin.flow.component.charts.DrilldownCallbackHandler)}
  • to return a {@link Series} when drilldown is done.
  • The remaining drilldown configurations can be set in
  • {@link Configuration#getDrilldown()}
  • @param item

It seems that this class has been replaced in Flow by chart.addDrilldownListener(new ComponentEventListener<DrilldownEvent>()),
and I am able to implement an EventListener that is called on DrillDowns. However it is unclear how the class can be used to provide a series for the chart when doing asynchronous drilldowns. I understand that Vaadin Flow is pretty different under the hood and you guys might not have gotten around to implementing this feature yet in the migration. Is there something I’m missing, or do you have any tips on how I can implement this? Is there a way to interact with a “drilldown-event” more directly?