Assigning IDs to specific html elements generated by vaadin's components

Hi All,

I am trying to assign unique IDs to a specific set of elements in the web page that is generated with Vaadin’s controls, such as

, ,
, etc. When I tried to set the IDs using setDebugId(“testDebugId”) to a combobox, it has set the id only for the parent element but not for the rest of the elements inside, as below:

How can I assign IDs for and


I would be very glad if someone could look at this and help me.

Short answer; without extending the widgets, you can’t. As you say, the ID is unique; but if you add it to several elements, it isn’t unique anymore. There MIGHT be some very ugly javascript hack that would go throught the DOM after Vaadin and add the IDs, but I doubt it.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.