Applying style for column cell in table


I have a table which is built using three column generators say 1,2,3 respectively. The implemented “generateCell” method of the 1st column generator returns a vertical layout where the component is added similarly the 2nd also does the same. I am applying the style(Changing the background color) for the vertical layout when the first column is clicked for any row (i.e the first column generator.) however the cell is not fully selected as the second column generator i.e the second vertical layout as it contains more data.

Both the first and second vertical layout 's width has been set to 100.0%. I tried setting the height to 100.0% for both the layouts…but it’s not successful.Could anyone suggest how can i achieve this?
The code for generateCell in 1st column generator

          final VerticalLayout verticalLayout = new VerticalLayout();
	verticalLayout.setMargin(true, false, true, false);

	final TestComp testcomp = new TestComp();
	verticalLayout.addComponent(testcomp );
	verticalLayout.setComponentAlignment(testcomp , Alignment.TOP_LEFT);
	verticalLayout.addListener(new LayoutEvents.LayoutClickListener() {

		private static final long serialVersionUID = 6182080891554598675L;

		public void layoutClick(final LayoutClickEvent event) {

return verticalLayout;

2nd Column generator

final VerticalLayout layout = new VerticalLayout();
layout.setMargin(true, false, true, false);

	final ServiceTypeComp  serviceTypeComponent =  new  ServiceTypeComp ();

return layout

Joseph Inigo Fernando

Is there any update on this?