I redirect errors to an error jsp. This causes problems for uidl requests because they don’t expect to get html back.

Right now, I’m detecting my error page response and doing a redirect. But there are 2 issues with this.

  1. Unnecessary extra request to the server for the error page
  2. I’m storing the stack trace in the session so that I can print that in the error page. Sometimes the stack trace is dropped from the session on the 2nd request. I think this may be because of session fixation prevention.

Can anybody tell me how I can update the html in the page with the html that came back in the response?

One thought that I had was to do some thing like this, but I missing the commented bits:

UIDL uidl = new UIDL();
// set a child on the uidl with tag == execJS
// set the exec attribute to some json that updates the html in the window
view.updateFromUIDL(uidl, ApplicationConnection.this);

I discovered that the reason why my redirect wasn’t working is because there are a bunch of uidl requests coming from the server.

These additional uidl requests are requesting the app and killing the session.

  1. How can I determine the reason for these uidl requests?
  2. Is there a way to shut down all request from the client side (ApplicationConnection) when I detect and error on the page?