Application Level Window called via external link problem


my application has a simple, selfmade login screen (localhost:8080/myapp) that gets replaced with the main screen after the user has successfully logged in. In addition, I have application level windows to show special data. These application level windows have a separate url (localhost:8080/myapp/special_NNN) where the NNN represents an id. The user get this kind of urls via e-mail and is able to open these app level windows by clicking on the link.

So far, everything works fine as long as the user is logged in. When the user is NOT logged in and he/she clicks on the link in the e-mail, the application opens the login page and the user is able to log in. After the login, the normal main screen is displayed but the url in the browser is the one of the link. If he/she now presses F5 to refresh the browser window, the main screen is replaced by the app level window that he whants to see.

My problem is the following: after the user logged in, I can’t determine what url should be opened (either main screen or special screen). I couldn’t find the url in the session or request properties. An alternative for me would be a possibility to forward the request to the original url after login succeeded, but I couldn’t find a method for this either.

Any help is much appreciated


Does nobody has an idea? Am I the only one using external links to a Vaadin app?



We are doing this (External links), but using the URIFragmentUtility - so I can’t offer any help on your particular scenario.