Application "dies" after logging in on second machine

Hi everyone.

I wanted to test how the application behaves when two or more users are using it. My application (running in debug mode in a maven Jetty plugin container) works wonderfully. The problem is, when I log in to my application from another machine (different IP/different credentials), my first instance stops rendering pages. I know that the application is alive because when I click on links and such there is the expected activity in the Jetty console (in other words- everything is happening under the hood, but the UI just does not respond). The second application instance from the other browser and machine continue to work fine. Finally, if I log out of my application from either instance, the other application instance’s session is expired.

Is this expected in debug mode? when running in the maven Jetty plug-in container?

Or did I just screw the code up that bad? :slight_smile:

Regards to all-

P.S. Vaadin team: Your product is awesome!

I found the problem. I had a spring-bean injected class that was being shared among application instances that directly invoked component creation on the UI. When methods were called on the bean, it defaulted to the last application context causing all of my troubles.

Newbie Spring mistake :slight_smile: