AppletIntegration Applet Loading Screen not displayed


I included an applet into my vaadin application by using the AppletIntegration add-on. The applet launches when a button is clicked → That works. Unfortunately, it takes a few seconds to load the applet and I want to show a loading screen during this time. Generally java should display a loading screen by default but it does not in my application. I tried to customize the loading screen but still it is not displayed!

Here is my code:

applet = new AppletIntegration() {

private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;


  • (non-Javadoc)
  • @see com.vaadin.ui.AbstractComponent#attach()
    public void attach() {
    setAppletArchives(Arrays.asList(new String { “applet.jar” }));
    setAppletParams(“image”, “…/applet/loading-indicator.gif”);
    setAppletParams(“boxbgcolor”, “#FFFFFF”);
    setAppletParams(“boxborder”, “false”);
    setAppletParams(“boxmessage”, “Die Applikation zur Positionswahl wird gestartet…”);
    setAppletParams(“centerimage”, “true”);
    setAppletParams(“codebase_lookup”, “false”);
    setAppletParams(“cache_option”, “No”);

By the way, I hope I am in the right thread! :wink: