Anyone knows why this might happen?

First background. I have:

  1. Login window
  2. Main window

I create them on init() in the main app and then if login is OK, I switch them this way:


On logout I do the opposite. That worked very well. Until today (1 month later). Now for some odd reason login is very slow ( changed literally nothing for that piece of code since 1 month) and then login never disappears, but workspace window appears too. However, after the refresh login window is gone. If I logout, the login window contains error message, like attached. But after browser refresh — everything just fine. Same to the main window: sometimes it contains similar errors and not rendered controls, but after simple refresh everything works.

Question: why it worked before like a charm, but now does not?

Yes, I removed cookies, data, reset browser, recompiled everything etc. Yes, it still behaves like this. No errors in logs.

P.S. Now you know my personal dev password. :slight_smile:

Setting the main window is not really a good way to swap the complete layout of a Vaadin application, since it only changes what window should be served the next time the application is reloaded (which might or might not happen, depending on browser, URIfragments, navigators and so on). A better way is to replace the content of the main window, that works every time.

Thanks, Thomas for your reply. I actually figured it out 1 hour later after posting this, but just kept the message in order to know if I am right. :slight_smile:
Basically, I replace the whole thing by creating new object of the entire window and opening the entire application as an external resource to refresh it afterward. Looks like something inside gets confused badly, because even when I swap the window, the javascript gets enormously slow for a while, and then sometimes works, sometimes not. But now everything alright. Thanks.

Works fine now.