Any way to get an auto-resizing table in Vaadin?

I have a table in a layout (I also tried Grid). The table is set at 100% size. If I resize the browser window out, the table will resize to fill the extra space, but if I resize in, the table/Grid show a horizontal scrollbar :frowning:

This problem is especially annoying when the table is in a scrollable layout. When the scrollbar is not visible, the table fills the panel/layout nicely, but make the panel shorter and the scrollbar pops up and clips the right edge of the of the table. Also a horizontal scrollbar will appear for the table and you end up having to scroll to see those extra 20 pixels… Very unprofessional looking.

I’ve tried every possible trick I could think of but to no avail. HELP!!

I tried reproducing your problem with both Grid and Table, but the only case where I got a horizontal scrollbar was when the Grid’s/Table’s content could no longer fit on the screen - this is the expected behaviour.

Do you get a scrollbar every time you resize in, regardless of if the content could fit on the screen without scrollbars? If yes, try
analyzing your layouts
and see, if there are any layout issues that might cause your problem.