Any progress on Vaadin 7.3.0 ?

According to the roadmap for 7.3.0.beta1 you are now 4 weeks late and at 60%.
In a blog post a few months ago you said the beta was scheduled for June with release in July.
Any chance of this still happening?

Also, is there any chance to update 7.3 branch at github? You resolved a few annoying bugs in 7.3 (broken panel size calculation) and it will be nice, if you publish that code in 7.3 branch.

I assume 7.3.0.beta1 will be released today?
It is the last chance to reach the stated june relase…

The download link for the 7.3 alphas are now gone. Hoping that means that beta release is imminent :slight_smile:

Hey the roadmap page says beta2 now in progress!

Milestone: Vaadin 7.3.0.beta2

What happened to beta1? Did I miss the memo? There’s no download link under pre-releases for 7.3 only 7.4.

I’d be happy with just some friggin information… 8-/

Here it is

Valo is looking great!

Only thing is, aren’t read only fields looking just as regular fields?

Hi all, as you found, Vaadin 7.3 beta1 is indeed now available. Sorry about the lack of information; I think it’s at least partially due to lots of us being on vacation right now, so there are not so many eyes following the forum.

Well deserved vacation indeed! Thanks for the update.

I’m wondering why you guys are still using such an ancient version of json.


The latest is:


I’m just concerned about conflicts with other common software that also relies on JSON processing. IMO you should either rename package classes or make sure you are keeping up with JSON releases.