Any Point-of-sale application using Vaadin

I was asked whether Vaadin can be used as a POS application and if so, is there any sample available to demo?

@nice-camel It depends if the POS app needs access to the cash drawer, pricing display, Bar code scanners etc.

I’ve once implemented a POS app with pure Java. There is even a Java ApI for that JavaPOS - Wikipedia

And the definition of what you need from / mean by POS :sweat_smile: if you just mean the Google facing landing page with a big image of the product… I would say technically possible but not the best tool for the job. If you are talking about the Backend stuff after the user logs in to buy / manage orders / transactions - totally fine

Bar code scanning and Price display are must. This is for small shops so I beleive cash drawer open/close can be optional

What hardware do they use?

The use cases are shops like saloon, small groceries, spa, bars etc

Currently they have a windows machine with .net code to handle this

Also, some other shops use physical device provided by the company which has no display, just the keyboard

Vaadin can do that - only hard part: get the scanner to work / find libs that Support it

@quirky-zebra How would you access the hardware?

@nice-camel what driver do they use to access the hardware from .net?

It depends if Vaadin runs on each client easily… otherwise it would need some kind of web api

I need to get the details.

I guess that you could use a custom web protocol to access to the hardware (to run a software installed on the machine). Then you need a way back to communicate to the web application.

IMO Pos is not a good use case for a web app

yes looks like that based on @faithful-emu reply

You may also want to access payment terminals

Reminds me of that hurdle to get Telesec Chipcard Readers to be used with Firefox :grimacing:

I always ask why should this be a web app? You must install the app on the POS anyway