Any plans for adding WAI-ARIA support?

Any plans for adding WAI-ARIA supports in vaadin?


No official plans yet, but I’ll do my best to see the issue taken into consideration:
Ticket 2710: Evaluate WAI-ARI compatibility and possible enhancements

Be sure to make enough fuss about it on the forum and in the ticket, maybe we can get others involved as well.

And all patches regarding this are more than welcome. At least initial support shouldn’t be too hard to achieve. Buttons conform to the spec currently, and all other form elements are native elements, so they should be OK too. The biggest challenges is probably universal keyboard access, which currently is somewhat a mess.

I’m really interested in achiving WAI-ARIA support in Vaadin, i’ll take a look at source code.

Thx for replying so fast.

I think WAI-ARIA support is a must for Tier 1 businesses who are offering their services to the general population.
For example in some countries like the UK these requirements are required by law.
I think it’s a small enhancement to Vaadin to make it a truly de-facto standard for developing web apps. (it already is for most purposes)

I’m happy to report that WAI-ARIA support is in the
plans for Vaadin 7