Any option to run the composite editor on Windows 7 x64?

Sorry to reprise this, I see there are already a lot of mentions but no answer.

is there any way to run the composite editor on Win 7 x64? I’m just getting ‘cannot start XULRunner’
whether installed or not. I’ve tried all the workarounds and also tried setting the default browser to
IE. Nothing helps. I just get a white, then yellow, then red swirly in the top right corner when I click
the ‘design’ tab and there it stays.

I’d really hate to have to have a separate instance of Eclipse just to do this. I would, however, accept
running it as a standalone app.

Im with you. Because im deploying on a Power PC i have to do my builds on a 64 bit JVM. 32 bit is simply not an option. I checked with XUL Runner and their bug logs indicate that they have no plans of supporting the Windows 64 bit JVM and apparently has suspended all development associated with it. so now what do I do. My environment won’t let me use the 32 bit JVM, my IT department won’t let me run anything other than Windows 7, and the designer won’t work on anything but the 32 bit jvm.

do you have plans to replace XUL Runner with something else that is a little better supported?

The funny part of this whole thing is the project im using Vaadin on is a project that was written in XUL and the client is now having us rip XUL out and replace it with Vaadin because they can no longer live with the fact they are confined to Firefox as a browser. Irony, i love it.

This comes down to what Eclipse supports as an embedded browser: either the system browser (which on Windows is IE for Eclipse) or XULRunner, or in Eclipse 3.7+ a locally installed WebKit (some configuration needed and only 32-bit JVM and SWT are supported on Windows!).

In theory, the Eclipse plug-in should default to the system browser (after showing a warning) if XULRunner is not found, but apparently there are problems with that on Windows 7. We (and many others) have been waiting for years for either a proper 64-bit build of XULRunner or a full WebKit integration or a JWebPane and its integration to Eclipse/SWT but those don’t seem to be happening at any reasonable pace.

Perhaps one option would be to stop trying to force the use of XULRunner even if it is available, but then Windows users would always get embedded IE as the browser used by visual editor - or maybe it could be done for 64-bit installations only. I added a comment about this in