ANT build for addons

Sorry if this is repeat, but I think I should have posted my original question here. Anyways. I am using VaadinVisualization.jar and CanvasWidget.jar in my project. I used the built in widgetcompiler in my eclipse to compile these. They did it happily. Now i am trying to build them using ant files. Do I have to include gwt-user and gwt-dev jars now? Also do I have to include the Vaalidation jars too? Please help!


Even though this tutorial is written for NetBeans, the principles and example files should work in other IDEs as well (there’s a ready-made Ant build file for compiling the widgetset):
Using Add-ons in NetBeans


Thanks a lot for the reply. I am not using a builder as the inbuit widget compiler already created an xml for me. I am using the same to compile the widgets. I am getting the following error:

and my xml file is:

I was able to solve the above apecifying the vaadin jar in the classpath which I had deleted by mistake earlier :frowning:
Well, now it seems to compile okay. Just in case if somebody needs it, here is what my build file had: