amazon simpledb + simplejpa + jpacontainer

I would really like to use amazon’s simpledb rather than the rds. I found an implementation of jpa 1.0 for simpledb (simplejpa) and I thought that if I got this working, which it is, I could just hook up jpacontainer. After all, simplejpa is standard jpa implementation.

However, I am not able to get past a “java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:” for my data class. Is there something I need to do, or am I completely off base in thinking I could use jpacontainer with simplejpa?

See below for how simplejpa is used.



I added the following Apache libs to a netbeans project to get Vaadin to work with Amazon SimpleDb


After adding the libs the program works both locally and on Amazon beansalk.

Let me know if this works in your setup.

SimpleJPA is a very incomplete JPA implementation - from

JPAContainer was never been tested with SimpleJPA and it is likely that SimpleJPA lacks some of the features required by JPAContainer.