alternative of accordion for implementing side menu.


I want to implement a side menu which should have functionality similar to accordion. accordion has only drop down functionally over single item and it go up when other item selected .

I want some additional functionality.
1: In Accordion the first accordion item is by default selected and dropped down. i want that all accordion items should not be selected even first one.
2: I want accordion should have both drop down and up when click over currently selected item caption. e.g if first item is selected and i click over the caption of first selected item, it should minimized (go up) as it minimized when we click over any other item’s caption.
3: I also want that i can add a button in accordion as we add items …

simply i want modified accordion or an other add-on which can do this.

Can any body tell me is there any add on which can do this … or how can i modified accordion according to my need.

sara j.sheikh

I want side menu behavior similar to
side menu bar of this site


There’s an addon named “Melodion”. Maybe this is what you’re looking for:


Did you ever solve this problem, especially for Vaadin 7? Because this is close to what I want, except using the Valo theme and for Vaadin 7. ( melodion does not support Vaadin 7 ).

Then again, the
StackPanel add-on
looks like promising a promising alternative. Have you tried this when you moved to Vaadin 7?