Alternate session handlers in Vaadin

In my company we use a 3rd party authentication tool which generates its own session id for each user login. Can we use that to manage Vaadin user sessions instead of the default session handling that is provided by the underlying java servlet ?
i.e. can we plug in alternate session handlers in Vaadin ?

There should nothing preventing you from using 3rd party authentication tools with Vaadin.

Do you know how to do that ? like what steps should i take to set it up? is it some set up in the web.xml or should i do something from code ?

If your custom authentication tool is a module to your app server or some kind of servlet filter, you simply follow the tool instructions for installation and configuration - Vaadin app is just a normal web application. So yes, most likely you’ll need to add something to your web.xml or/and to your app server/container. Can’t guess more as there is lack information about the details of your auth tool.

Can i access the Servlet’s request and response objects from within a Vaadin application ? What i am trying to do is set the session id from my authentication engine into a Cookie so that each time a user sends a request , I can check if the request has a Cookie with our session id and then decide whether to let the user proceed or not


Sure you can. In your application, implement a TransactionListener and in transactionStart method (it will be called each request from the client) you can get access to a servlet request.

For some demo, see my application code which does exactly the described: