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I still bit not clear with new version and relased mechanism in vaadin.
if I use vaadin 7.3.0 alpha2, does it mean all stable 7.2.x release before 7.3.0 alpha release is included ?
for instance, Version 7.2.0 built on 2014-05-14 and Version 7.3.0.alpha2 built on 2014-05-16.

and if version 7.3.0 alpha3 or beta1 is release after version 7.2.2 is release does the alpha3 include the bug fixed on 7.2.2 ?

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An old post but in case anybody else stumbles upon this thread: There is no guarantee for alphas to include all changes from previous versions. Thus, e.g. Vaadin 7.4 alphas didn’t include the Valo theme from the 7.3 branch until 7.3 reached beta, and 7.3 and 7.3 alphas haven’t always included all fixes in 7.2 releases.

Final release versions do include all changes from the previous releases unless there is a special reason not to.

sorry to bump old thread,
“Thus, e.g. Vaadin 7.4 alphas didn’t include the Valo theme from the 7.3 branch until 7.3 reached beta”

do you mean 7.4 reached beta ?
like now vaadin 7.4 already on beta1 on December 2014, does it mean all the fixing on 7.3.7 is included ?


I think that’s what he meant.
So in theory 7.4.beta1 should have all fixes from 7.3.7 (Btw i’m not a dev so i can’t say for sure).
The only reasons i could think of why they might not be there would be that A some couldn’t be included because they would bug something 7.4 or in 7.4 there is another fix and B the release of 7.4.beta1 was too close to the 7.3.7 for all fixes to be included.

The previous post was 6 months old, so I did mean 7.3 back then.

All fixes are now normally made to the master branch. Selected fixes from master are picked into the 7.3 branch, and the whole master branch is normally merged to any beta of the next minor version so 7.4.0.beta1 should have all the fixes that were in the preceding 7.3.x (give or take a few days to take into account when the merge occurred).

After 7.4 final, individual changes are picked into its maintenance releases and there will be no more 7.3 releases, and some changes in master might not get picked to 7.4 anymore at that point. Only one minor version of each major version is normally under active maintenance, whereas multiple major versions could be maintained in parallel for several months or even a few years (exact times depend on the versions and when they were released).

thanks, that was clear explaination
so I will playing with 7.4.0 beta2 without worry 7.3.x fixied is missing