Alpha 2 Manager Layout

Is there an example of using the ancient technique of layout (Vaadin 6.x) on Vaadin 7 alpha 2?

Because now when I want to add, for example, a horizontal layout in a vertical layout (nothing more complicated) all components of the horizontal layout appear as if they were in a vertical layout.

This same code works fine in V7 Alpha 1since Alpha 1 layout is based on 6.X versions. Is there a simple way (and example) to keep this pattern working?


        VerticalLayout userLayout= new VerticalLayout();

        HorizontalLayout buttonsLayout = new HorizontalLayout();

        userLayout.setComponentAlignment(buttonsLayout, Alignment.TOP_RIGHT);

please help!!!

I don’t really understand what you mean. The behavior of the server side layouts should be almost identical between alpha1 and alpha2. The only noticeable change should be the outcome in situations where the layout is not big enough to make room for its contents, which doesn’t seem to be the case in this situation.

If the behavior you see is that the info button and logout buttons are placed vertically instead of horizontally (i.e. one above the other instead of one to the right of the other), then I’d guess the new css rules from alpha2 are missing. This is most likely caused by the browser caching the old css files, but it could also be related to how you package and deploy your custom theme if you have one.

Thanks. You were right. It was my custom theme…