Again - Scrolling in Path with height 100% set


i now there a quite a lot of threads talking about this, but i didn’t find one which fits my needs.

I have a Panel with a HorizontalLayout with defines two sections of my design.
The Left area is like an infopanel which have a color and some information text and the right area has the content.
Now i know that if i want to have the HorizontalLayout scrollbars, i just need to set contenet.setHeightUndefined() on it and it works perfectly. But now i need to have the HorizontalLayout be at 100% that the info panel always used the full height of the panel and only have scrollbars when the right area is heigher than the panel itself.

Here is a little example of how i set up my Panel in the classic way. Now the Content can scroll if it is heigher than the panel. But i need to set it on 100% if the right area is not as high as the panel. I Just always thee the left area to have at least 100% with of the panel or more if the right area if heigher.

Panel p = new Panel();

    HorizontalLayout content = new HorizontalLayout();
    VerticalLayout left = new VerticalLayout();
    VerticalLayout right = new VerticalLayout();

[/code]Thank you for any advise.

greetings Michael