Advanced highstock features in vaadin charts

we want to use the more advanced features of highstock charts (e.g. I know it’s too much work for you to expose that through java api, as I’ve seen in some other threads. How can we easily access that functionality? Can you please provide some pointers, how to start? thank you in advance

Some pointers on where to start would be great, I am looking for much simpler extensions to vaadin charts (e.g. achieving that 3d bubble effect). I know styling options will for charts are going to be exposed through the java api again at some point this year (I think it’s vaadin 17 and something around 14.4 hopefully) but who knows exactly what is going to be possible with these APIs.

What would be super helpful is a way of “feeding” some sort of raw options in the form of a json string - declare it as experimental, this wouldn’t even have to be documented that well in order to not encourage the use too much, but would maybe help for a lot of users who’d need some specific functionality…