Address book alternatives with good design pattern is needed

If there is such a small sample, it’ll help those new to java to start Vaadin project quickly with good and right start.

Vaddin is getting popular. It attract programmers from other language not just Java. I appreciate it if Vaadin considers these programmers by giving a complete quick start sample and let them focus on Vaadin.

Vaadin has free programmers from Javascript, html, css, Servlet, JSP, pretty almost everything from Java web development world. Don’t let them stuck at the other set of basic things that still bind to Java, such as project in Eclips, generally usused design pattern.

For example, the address book can be created as a step by step tutorial with screen captures and FORMAL/better Java design habit. With this at least myself is able to skip topics about Eclips, Java source file management and form a good habit in Java development. Also I can only focus on Vaadin books by simply adding class/components to my satified Project.

Vaadin seems let me skip a lot of things in Java world, but until now I didn’t get a Tutorial or sample in Vaadin books to really let me only rely on the learning material to dive into Vaadin. The learning materials are too much focus on Java developer. I believe Vaadin has done 99% percent of work to wrap up the complicity of Java web development it should wraps up, just left that 1% to block the none-java developer move in Vaadin. That 1% gap should be bridged.
Vaddin is excellent not just for Java developer, also for any web developers. Vaadin is good at simplifying things. Please open the door wider to the non-java guys.