addons Repository

I have a newly created vaadin Project in Eclipse with Maven. I added viritin to the pom.xml and get this failure:

Failed to execute goal on project myapplication: Could not resolve dependencies for project com.example:myapplication:war:1.0-SNAPSHOT: Failed to collect dependencies at org.vaadin:viritin:jar:1.57: Failed to read artifact descriptor for org.vaadin:viritin:jar:1.57: Could not transfer artifact org.vaadin:viritin:pom:1.57 from/to vaadin-addons ( Connection refused: connect → [Help 1]


Solved! I dont know why, but until now I need proxy settings in mavens settings.xml file.

I’ve had issues with a nexus proxy and the addons-repository, too. Haven’t looked into it yet but it could be something related…

What was the resolution?