Adding Tool tip for ListSelect items

I have a ListSelect box. And I am adding some items to it. I am also setting the width to 10. since the length of text for each item is looong. But, this will hide the info for user to read. Hence I want to show a tool tip when someone selects a item from the ListSelect box. I have tried adding the line show below but I am not able to get this working. any help or suggestions are appreciated

	sStatus = new ListSelect("Status");
        sStatus .setColumns(10);

		for (int jack = 0; jack < Codes.size(); jack++) {
			sStatus.setItemCaption(Codes.get(jack).getId(), Codes.get(jack).getId() + "."
					+ Codes.get(jack).getDescription());
			sStatus.setItemCaption(jack, Codes.get(jack).getDescription()); <<<<<<<<< added this